Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Are You Working On This Fall??

Well ladies, Labor Day has come and gone signalling the end of summer.   So, what are your plans for fall smocking?  I'm still working on the smocked dress for my Martha Pullen Doll, but I am thinking ahead to smocking a little insert for a fall purse.  I have some orange/yellow fall plaid fabric that I plan to use.  I'd like to smock a candy corn or two on an insert.  This design is a bit "young" for something for myself, so I may design my own candy corn plate for this.

My next podcast will feature inspiration from YOU.  What are *YOU* smocking for fall?  Did you smock anything special for back to school?  Will you be smocking something special for Halloween or Thanksgiving?  Leave a comment and let me know what you're working on so I can share it with our listeners to help inspire them to smock something special this fall!!


  1. Hey Connie. I'm so glad that you're podcasting again. I'm not smocking but I am doing some embroidery designs (that I bought on etsy) for my home this fall. I'm hoping to finish some pillows and placemats. I am looking at doing some smocking though. If you pick out a pattern for a smock-along I'll be glad to join you.

    sewmanygirls (from MP fan club group)

  2. I am working on my granddaughter's christening gown. It will feature both embroidery and smocking.