Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Shall She Wear?

My sweet husband bought me an original Martha Pullen Gotz doll last fall. She is still in her original dress and even has her certificate of authenticity attached. I want to take her to Maryland with me in two weeks so I can get a picture taken with me, Martha, and my Martha doll. I think she needs a new dress to wear. I want to do a basic smocked yoke dress, but I can't decide what fabric/smocking. Do I want it to be dressy or casual? Fun or fancy? Hmm.... tough questions.

I am off on Thursday and Friday (because I work all day on Saturday). I will have to get to work on it right away. I would *love* to make a bishop dress for her, but I can't find a bishop pattern for an 18" doll. I doubt I can find one in the next couple of days....
Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you know of a doll bishop pattern?

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  1. Connie, try this......

    Hugs, Prissy