Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pagoda Pleaters

Today, 5 of us Pagoda Pleaters met at the Exeter Library to take over their lovely display cabinet. They are allowing us to display smocked items along with information about our guild in the cabinet for the next month. We already met one prospective member as we were finishing up.

Our first official meeting at the Pagoda Pleaters will be next Wednesday, September 14th at the Exeter Library from 1:00 - 3:00.

My contributions to the display are smocked socks and two t-shirts with smocked inserts.

One of our members, Eileen, contributed her SAGA Design Show winning dress. It is stunning!! She also contributed 3 gorgeous smocked ornaments. I have wanted to learn how to make snocked christmas ornaments for years and have tried many times, but they've never turned out! Eileen will be teaching us how to make these in November. I am so excited about that meeting.

Other members contributed smocked doll dresses, a smocked hanger, an adorable back to school dress, and more. We also added a SAGA News, Sew Beautiful, and AS&E to the display.

We're hoping people will take notice of our display and join us for our guild meetings.

Every time we meet together, I am always so inspired. After dinner, I plan to smock on this rainy Wednesday evening!

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  1. Hello there! I have had trouble posting this comment - I hope it works this time!

    Great minds think alike - Until yesterday I also had a blog called The Smocking Bee. Having found you lovely blog I have changed my title to smockerybee.

    I am a keen smocker from the UK. I hope you don't mind but I have included a link to your blog in a post about inspirational sewing blogs.

    Keep it up!