Thursday, March 10, 2011

Martha's Dress & My Smocked Socks

I did it -- barely, but I did it. Martha is all dressed and ready to go, and I have my smocked socks tucked away in my suitcase to wear this evening.

For Martha's dress, I made my own smocking design inspired by the fabric --of pincushions and thread spools. It went really well.

As for my socks.... I have only done it once before and got this idea at the last minute. I decided they would look cute with my denim skirt and loafers. The hardest part was finding the socks. I looked at Walmart, Target, and Boscovs (a high-end department store). Only Boscovs had the socks I needed, but they were $6 for one pair. I don't think so!!!

I came home, frustrated from that outing and went to the K-mart website and lo and behold - they had a 6-pack of the socks for $6. Now we're talking!! I went to K-mart Tuesday night and got them. They worked perfectly. I chose a dark blue thread to match my denim skirt. I will plan to smock the others as I have time.

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