Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plan C

As I posted a few days ago, my smocked Christmas  ball was a fiasco.  However, I refused to let a smocked piece go to waste, so I bought even smaller Styrofoam balls yesterday to see if I could salvage it.  Well, that didn't work either.  So, being the stubborn person that I am, I decided there must be something I could do, and this is what I came up with.  I will attach a ribbon in the corner so it can be hung on the tree.  In fact, I will get 2 ornaments out of the smocked piece that was supposed to be for just one smocked ball.   That being said, I am not completely happy with it.  As I shared in my podcast last week, geometric smocking is just not my "thing".  I had to do geometric in order to make a smocked ball, but now, if I am doing this type of ornament, I can do pictures!!!!  Now *that* is exciting to me.

My next project will be a new doll dress for Martha and also for my fair entry.  I am going to use some sheet music print fabric (it's a very small scale) and then add a smocked insert of smocked music notes.  I wanted to start on that last night, but I didn't want to leave the smocked Christmas ball fiasco as it was -- I had to finish that first, but now that it's done, I can move on to my doll dress.

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