Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Care and Feeding of Your Pleater

My pleater was pampered today. She had been in need of a good pampering for a while. She's quite a work horse and serves me *very* well!

I have a Pullen Pleater, and I love her to death, but while I have been giving her a workout, I have been neglecting to give her a good pampering. So today, while doing the grocery shopping, I picked up a $2 roll of wax paper, came home and gave my pleater a spa treatment.

Running wax paper through your pleater is the best way to lubricate it and keep it working properly. Just like any piece of machinery, a pleater's gears get tight and need lubrication.

Try it, and the next time you pleat, you will find the fabric just slides through the grears and off the needles almost effortlessly!

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  1. Greatt tip! When I get my pleater (hopefully soon) I'll keep this in mind. Btw , I am enjoying your podcast. Any chance of doing more beginner tips?