Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Smocking Bee Episode #1

That was so much fun!!  I forgot how much fun it was to publish a podcast.  I had a blast.  The time just flew and I actually had to rush at the end and didn't get to cover everything I hoped to cover, but that's okay because I can always cover more next episode.  I had originally thought this would be a biweekly podcasts, but I had so much fun, I think it's going to have to be a weekly podcast.

Now, for those of you who are wondering what "The Smocking Bee" is all about, let me explain.  I am a lone smocker.  I live in the northeast, and smocking is virtually unheard of here.  I miss being part of a smocking guild and spending time with other smockers.  I created this podcast, blog/website as a way to bring back something similar to an old fashioned quilting bee.

My weekly podcast will feature you -- my fellow smockers.  It's not just going to be about me and what I'm smocking, but rather it's going to be a podcast for a community of smockers.  I want to know what you're smocking.  I want to know how/when/why you began smocking.  Please e-mail me (by clicking the link in my profile) or post a comment on my blog and share your smocking story with me, and I will share it in an upcoming episode of "The Smocking Bee".

This first episode featured a review of the latest Sew Beautiful episode.  That was fun to do.  Future episodes will feature other magazine reviews, website reviews (both commercial and personal), book reviews, project ideas, and of course, The BUZZZZ where I will be sharing about what *you* are smocking.

I hope you enjoy this first episode and please come back to future episodes.  You can also subscribe to "The Smocking Bee" via Itunes.  The most recent issue may not be uploaded to Itunes for a day or two after it is uploaded here - that's how Itunes works.

Hope to hear from you soon -- in the meantime....

Happy Smocking,


  1. So glad you are back to podcasting!! I smocked a little when my daughter (now 33!) was small and would then hand over the garment for my Home Ec major Mom to construct. That worked well for me having a full time job and family. When my daughter had her first daughter, now 7, I tried to smock and construct some special items as I had lost my mom. But I have the beginning of arthritis in my hands and smocking really irritated it. I haven't tried machine smocking but may have to as I now have 4 grand girls!!

    That"s my story@

  2. Connie...I really enjoyed the podcast. I remember listening to your sewing podcasts a few years back. I am glad you are doing this again. The Sew Beautiful review was fun....I felt like I was looking through it with a friend sitting next to me!!! Thanks!!!